10:54 am - Sunday 24 May 2015

Major Desalination Projects in Oman

By staff - Tue May 24, 10:16 am

The events of the Electricity and Water Conference kicked-off at Grand Hyatt Hotel Muscat today. The conference is organized by the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) in collaboration with the Global Exhibitions & Conferences LLC (GEC) and the US International Quality and Productivity Centre – Middle East.

The celebration was patronized over by Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Mahrouqi, PAEW Chairman in the presence of a large number of senior officials in the energy and water sector with the participation of more than 250 specialized local and international companies.

The PAEW Chairman delivered a speech stating that this conference is a chance for being familiarized with the latest technologies in the field of energy production, water desalination, skill and knowledge acquisition benefiting from the existence of this large number of specialists from the international organizations and companies interested in energy and water.

PAEW Chairman added that the Sultanate is witnessing an increasing growth for electricity demand in the range of 7 to 9 per cent every year. This growth is expected to continue in the coming years, pointing that the highest demand comes from the household sector. Due to the economic growth it is expected that the industrial and commercial sectors will witness higher demand for energy to meet the needs of services and productive projects.

Al-Mahrouqi also said that within the consolidation of the desalinated water production for meeting the growing demands, the Sultanate’s government is currently implementing new projects for extending the water desalination plants including the establishment of Barka plant No. (3), Sohar plant No. (2) with production capacity of 1490 MW, a water desalination plant in Salalah of 450 MW, in addition to other major projects for generating electricity that are being prepared for tenders including the establishment of Sur plant of 1500 – 2000 MW of electricity.

Al-Mahrouqi explained that there are water production projects in Muscat Governorate including the project of constructing a water desalination plant in Wadi Dhaiqah for supplying water to the wilayats of Al-Amirat and Quriyat, in addition to studying the project of constructing two water desalination plants for meeting the demands in the coming five years with capacity of 400 cubic meters per day. It is proposed to construct those two plants in the wilayats of Quriyat and A’Suwaiq.

Carl Matkiz, CEO of Electricity Holding Company presented a working paper reviewing the company’s role and missions, indicating that the increasing energy consumption is a result of the comprehensive development being witnessed in all circles of economy and speedy construction growth, indicating that the Sultanate managed to meet the electricity demand by constructions and extensions of desalination and electricity plants, in addition to establishing water desalination and power plants in the regions.

Alan Davis, director of strategic studies in the Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) said in his speech that the studies made by the company expected a growing demand for electricity in the coming years.

The three-day conference included an exhibition with the participation of a number of companies working in electricity and water desalination, in addition to other international companies. The exhibition displayed the latest technologies in water desalination and power generation. This exhibition is an opportunity for inking deals between the participating companies and the companies working in constructing and operating the water desalination and power plants.

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