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Internet Explorer users “have a lower IQ”

By staff - Mon Aug 01, 9:52 am

The lower your IQ, the more likely you are to use Internet Explorer, according to a massive online survey.

AptiQuant, a Canadian firm that provides online employment assessments, polled 101,326 people online, finding a relationship between IQ and browser choice.

“A significant number of individuals with a low score on the cognitive test were found to be using Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6.0 to 9.0,” the report found.

“There was no significant difference in the IQ scores between individuals using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari; however, it was on an average higher than IE users,” it added. “Individuals using Opera, Camino and IE with Chrome Frame scored a little higher on an average than others.”

The report follows a similar study in 2006, and AptiQuant said the data shows “more people on the higher side of IQ scale have moved away from Internet Explorer in the last five years”.

Since the release of the report, AptiQuant claimed it has received threats of a lawsuit from “loyal” Internet Explorer users – but the firm’s CEO said using the browser doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bit dim.

“I just want to make it clear that the report released by my company did not suggest that if you use IE that means you have a low IQ, but what it really says is that if you have a low IQ then there are high chances that you use Internet Explorer,” Leonard Howard explained.

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