02:57 am - Sunday 24 May 2015

Oman to train 30,000 civil servants in IT skills

By staff - Wed Aug 31, 11:22 am

Around 44,604 public sector employees have received training under this initiative so far.

Around 30,000 civil servants will receive training in Information Technology (IT) skills in the latest phase of an ongoing effort by the Omani government to enable the delivery of e-services in the sultanate.

An agreement to this effect was signed here on Monday by the Information Technology Authority (ITA) and a leading private training services provider.

It represents the second phase of the Government IT Training & Certification (GITTC) project which aims to provide internationally recognised digital literacy certification to all civil service employees.

Around 44,604 public sector employees in Oman have received training under this initiative so far, with certifications obtained by 32,139 of them.

In a statement, Ali Bin Masoud Al Sunaidy, Chairman of ITA’s Board of Directors, said, “Adding another operator to the GITTC project, will further help government entities to enhance the IT skills and abilities of government employees. Doing so will benefit the employees so they can better provide e-services to the community.”

“We wish these projects will help to further develop e-services in Oman and help to raise even greater awareness about information technology and its importance in society,” Al Sunaidy added.

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