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‘Grab Dodge’ endurance challenge

By staff - Wed Sep 28, 6:11 am

Dhofar Automotive, the exclusive distributor for Dodge in Oman, has announced details of its unique “Grab Dodge” endurance challenge – the first of its kind ever staged in the Middle East with the ultimate winner driving away in a new Dodge Charger.

A nationwide promotional campaign has now been launched to encourage individuals from all over the Sultanate to sign up at their local showroom to have the chance to participate in this challenging event that will take place over three days at Muscat City Centre from 26th-28th October.

The challenge has been designed to test both the physical and mental strength of individuals and to become the ultimate winner they must outlast other competitors by keeping their hand on a Dodge car for the longest.

Starting from the afternoon of Wednesday 26th October, 20 competitors chosen from a Ministry supervised draw on the 16th October will participate in the event and will be required to stand with their hand on the car, with breaks allowed only for food and prayers, and stay in their position throughout the day and night until they can take no more.

Dhofar Automotive General Manager Chris Edwards explained, “We wanted to offer our customers across Oman the chance to win a car but in a new and highly innovative manner that was much more than a simple raffle draw or typical promotion.”

“It will be the first time an endurance event of this nature has been held in the Sultanate and as are far we know, the Middle East. We are anticipating a big response from the public across the country. In an event like this, you have got to really want to win to even consider entering but I believe it will generate a huge amount of interest to participate and will be great fun for all during the three days when we host the event in the most daily visited location in Oman,” Chris added.

To sign up and participate in the Dodge Grab challenge individuals can go to their local Dhofar Automotive showroom in Wattayah, Athaiba, Nizwa, Sohar, Sur, Musannah, Ibri, Ibra or Salalah – entries close on 13thh October.

Entrants must be residents in Oman and have an Omani driving license, and if selected to be one of the 20 participants each individual must agree to undergo a full medical check-up paid for by Dhofar Automotive to ensure they are fit and healthy enough to take on the Grab Dodge endurance challenge.

During the three day event there will be a medical team on site responsible for monitoring the wellbeing of all participants as they set out to see who can last the longest for the challenge that will end at 7pm on Friday 28th October.

There will be set times for short breaks for comfort and to take on food and water during the challenge – but these will be strictly regulated by competition judges who will be present day and night during the event. Judges will also be constantly checking that competitors keep a hand on the car throughout the event.

Paticipants will be “grabbing” three Dodge vehicles that will be set up in a big display area outside the main Food Court area in Muscat City Centre, Seeb, there will be music and entertainment during the day to create a “festival atmosphere” for the participants as they test their stamina, physical and mental endurance.

“We believe this will be a real challenge for those who take part. We have of course allowed comfort breaks and time to get food and beverages – but these will be limited and it may be the mental strain as much as the physical challenge of standing with a hand on the car for so long that proves the biggest challenge. The whole team at Dhofar Automotive is very excited about this unique promotional event creating a fabulous platform to promote Dodge in Oman in a highly interactive, innovative and ultimately rewarding manner,” added Chris Edwards.

Entries to participate in the challenge are now being taken at showrooms across the country and potential participants will be selected in a draw at the Athaiba showroom on Sunday 16th October. Only 20 people will participate but in case of withdrawals or medical issues a total of 20 individuals are also being selected as reserves.

Mr. Edwards believes that the Grab Dodge event will become a major talking point across Oman in the weeks ahead as people sign up to see if they might be the one to test their endurance to the limit with the reward of driving off in a new Dodge Charger.

Dhofar Automotive is the exclusive distributor in Oman for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge.

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