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Vote for Oman’s News Maker of the Year 2011

By staff - Mon Dec 26, 7:38 am





This year has been an eventful year in Oman. Based on the nominations that we have received from our readers, you can vote on the personalities given below upto Dec 30th 2011.


1) Ahmad Al Harthy – is Oman’s top racing driver and one of the Middle Eastern Sultanate’s leading international sportsmen. Al Harthy had a stunning Porsche Carrera Cup Championship this year.





2) Ali Abdullah Harib Al-Habsi (Arabic: علي بن عبد الله بن حارب الحبسي‎) is an Omani professional association football player. He currently plays in the Barclay’s Premier League as a goalkeeper for Wigan Athletic having previously played for Lyn Oslo.






3) Tariq Al Barwani – Oman’s popular and successful IT expert. Tariq is regarded as the IT icon of Oman.







4) Oman Sail Team – A stunning year for the Oman Sail Team with several stunning performances throughout.


5) Hamed al Wahaibi – Oman’s internationally renowned Rally Car Driver. Stunning year with wins in Oman Rally.








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  1. Your the best and all the best for 1012

  2. Ahmad has maintained professional excellence within the Middle East and beyond

  3. All the best!

  4. Ahmed Al Harthy

  5. He is deserving

  6. I vote for Ahmad Al Harthy

  7. Ahmad Al Harthy put Oman on the mape

  8. Well done and keep it up

  9. ali al habsi is the best 

  10. Of course I voted for Ahmed as he more than deserves it. Wish him ever more successes.

  11. inshallah oman will go up more and mora in 2012

  12. Ahmed Al-Harthy…….Thumbs Up

  13. Ahmad Alharthy, he’s is the best and always will be….

  14. The Best… Good luck ;)

  15. Good luck A7mad :*

  16. Ahmad is the shining star.

  17. Go ahead ahmed , we r supporting u . Keep it up always

  18. Ahmed Al Harthy….Thumbs Up!! ;-)

  19. Ahmed all the way!!

  20. Ahmad Al-Harthy has managed independently to develop his talent and compete internationally. He has achieved top standard results . He is still young and able to achieve more for himself and Oman.

  21. Go go Ahmed

  22. Laish Oman Sail? All this others are there by their own hand.

  23. All the best ahmed.

  24. All the best to you, Ahmed

  25. Oman’s Porshe Driver is absolutely the Best

  26. All great achievers, Congrats to all. Voted ahmed

  27. Ahmed Alharthy is a true champion who chased his dream and now he is living it, A TRUE champ.. & I still respect my other brothers as a real successful men..

  28. Ahmed AL Harthy

  29. Ahmed Al-Harthy thumbs up ✌

  30. Ahmad Al-Harthy! Wohoooo!

  31. Ahmed

    You are the true Champion!!!!!!!

  32. All the best for 2012.

  33. Keep up the good work Ahmed…Allah Yihfadhek

  34. all the best Ahmed Al Harthy :) ,,,,,, you deserve to be number one in oman …….. And goodluck for others champions (ALI+OMAN SAIL+HAMED+TARIQ) in sha’a Allah your turn in coming years

  35. i voted for Ahmed Al Harthy

  36. Keep it Ahmed.. You are putting Oman on the Map..

  37. i had the chance to know Ahmad,he is a very humble person despite his stature.he represents the true quality of a young Omani; dream-driven,professional,hardworking and friendly. All the best Mr. Ahmad Al-Harty!

  38. All the best Ahmad.. You’re a true inspiration for all of us!

  39. Keep it up Ahmad we love you.


  41. Of course I voted for Ahmed Al-Harthy because he’s my cousin and I think he’s the best. But I wish I could vote for all the other Omani champions because they all desrve the best as well. Wishing you all the best of 2012.


  43. He’s the very best… Well done cuz

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