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Oman-Japan 40th Anniversary Logo

By staff - Mon Feb 27, 1:07 pm


Name: Ms. Sawako KANI

Age: 31

Occupation: Patent and Trademark Attorney
Theme of the Logo:

The logo reflects a sense of “unity” and “future aspirations” between the Sultanate of Oman and Japan as they commemorate a flourishing 40 years of official diplomatic relations between them, inspired by their two unique national flowers blooming together from the same root in a wind rippled magnificent desert under a peaceful blue sky.

The “Sultan Qaboos Rose” (Rosa Metixia of the floribunda variety) named after His Majesty the Sultan in recognition of his role in bringing progress and peace to his people by the World Federation of Rose Societies in 1990. The Rose made its first official appearance in April 1990 at the International Garden and Greenery Exhibition in Osaka, which attracted admiring glances for its blood red colour and gentle fragrance, and more importantly for its ability to thrive in cold and hot climates. The rose symbolises, in addition to beauty and passion, courage and power and express respect and appreciation.

The “Sakura” flower (the Japanese cherry blossom), is the national flower of Japan. The blooming of these delicate pink and white blossoms occurs around the end of March and beginning of April and signifies spring’s arrival, triggering a nationwide celebration for the Japanese people. The Sakura flower, also signifies the inauguration of a new beginning and its exuberance bestows hope and good fortune.

The wind-rippled desert reflects the vast expanses of the Arabic heritage and boundless hospitality, and reflects the endowed hydrocarbon resources that became an important factor in their strategic relations. The logo by encompassing the two glorious flowers, under the peaceful blue skies of the Arabian desert indeed expresses the two countries “Individuality” and sense of “Unity “over their 40 years of relations depicted by 4 flowers that represent four decades of a harmonious relationship. The flowers stem from the same root representing the further reinforcement of the close bonds of friendship and cooperation between the Sultanate of Oman and Japan.

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