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Dusty weather conditions to continue in Oman

By staff - Tue Mar 20, 5:15 am

Super sandstorm hits the region, whipping up winds and dust across the Arabian Peninsula.

Muscat: Windy and dusty weather conditions will continue on Tuesday as part of the weather development described by forecasters as a rare occurrence.






















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Calling it a super sandstorm, forecasters said it is due to two major storms that have hit the region. The impact of the first storm was widespread across the Arabian Peninsula but lost its intensity on its way to Oman & UAE.

The storm causing low pressure moved eastward, reaching over southeastern Iran and kicked up dust and sand that engulfed the northern region of UAE, parts of Oman, and western coastal areas of Pakistan up to Karachi and the central city of Sukkur.

“It is in fact a super sandstorm that has spread a layer of dust all over the GCC and parts of Southeast Asia,” said a forecaster.

The sandstorm affected Muscat, Batinah region in north and Musandam. According to Met Department, the sand storm could continue for two more days.

“Dusty and cloudy weather will continue in Oman for the next two days,” said a forecast by the Met Department.

Poor visibility was compounded by fog across Muscat & the emirates last night and early on Tuesday morning. The conditions were tougher in the northern areas where visibility dropped to a few hundred meters.

The sharp decline in temperature has been causing problem for people who had already packed up their worm clothes. The mercury has dropped down to 18 degrees Celsius from the 37 degrees Celcius recorded just a couple of days ago. The centre temperature will be 15 to 18c in the coastal areas, 9 degrees Celcius to 26 degrees Celcius in the internal, and 8 degrees Celcius to 20 degrees Celcius in mountainous areas.

Wind will be blowing at a speed of 30 to 40km/h in the coastal areas but it can go up to 60km/h at times. The thrust of winds could go even higher to 65km/h in the mountainous region.

The UNCMS said weather will be hazy in general on Tuesday. Partly cloudy conditions can, however, develop in the northern and eastern areas. The sea will continue to be rough as winds are likely to be stronger over it.

Strong winds may kick up dust and sand in the coastal and internal areas that are already been covered by the layer of fine suspended dust. The forecasters warned of poor horizontal visibility in some parts of the country.

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