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Muscat Cyber Defence Summit

By staff - Tue Apr 03, 5:54 am

Muscat, Apr 2 (ONA) — Deliberations of the International Conference on Cyber Security began at Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel today under the patronage of Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Sa’eedi, Legal Affairs Minister.

The two-day conference is organized by the Information Technology Authority (ITA) represented by the National Data Security Centre in conjunction with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

The conference comes to highlight the Sultanate’s role as an important regional centre in the field of data security, as well as to attract the international experts and speakers in this field to get acquainted with the experiences of the countries.

Dr. Al-Sa’eedi said that the Sultanate is considered as a regional centre for cyber security as this conference comes to highlight the collaboration of the Arab and international efforts in this regard.

In a press statement, he added that there are a number of laws and the cyber security law as per the Royal Decree No.12/2011 issued on February 6th 2011 promulgating the Law on Prevention of Cyber crimes as this law has covered a number of aspects related to cyber security.

He furthered that the conference will be an added value for the Sultanate, other GCC countries and the world as the world is just a small village and what happens in the furthest point on earth may affect the Sultanate, calling for the collaboration of all efforts.

On his turn, Eng. Ali bin Masoud al-Sunaidi, Commerce and Industry Minister and Chairman of ITA Board stated that the statistics indicate that there are a large number of IT users in the Arab World, pointing out that the websites are being penetrated regularly with no clear reason.

In a press statement, he said that the Sultanate is one of the countries that have attached a great attention to cyber security as it has a number of specialists who will enrich the conference with their experiences.

He added that the conference aims at availing a collaborative environment between the Sultanate and the other AGCC countries on cyber security, pointing out to the penetration of public services websites by the individuals for the sake of amusement without considering the consequences.

Eng. Al-Sunaidi, pointed out that the devices related to the internet are penetrable so the financial, industrial and service institutions have to attach attention to cyber security. He furthered that although there are great investments in the programmes and modern technologies, there is a big gap in terms of the investment in cyber security.

Dr. Salim bin Sultan al-Ruzaiqi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ITA delivered a speech at the beginning of the conference during which he affirmed that such international conferences have great importance in understanding the challenges of providing security for the computers.

He added that this conference comes in continuation of the efforts exerted worldwide to benefit from the experiences of the experts in the field of cyber security to come with a sum up for these experiences in how to deal with challenges resulted from website penetration at the governmental and private sectors, in addition to the damages on various vital sectors in the countries.

On his turn, Ibrahim al-Haddad, Regional Director of ITU said that the cyberspace has become an important due to the growth in the technology and communications during the last years.

In his speech, al-Haddad touched on the challenges facing the cyber security, pointing out to the initiatives of the ITU to support the security of this virtual world.

The conference, attracts a number of international and regional pioneering companies in the field of cyber security, will discuss the challenges and solutions, in addition to reviewing the experiences pursued by the countries in dealing with the security risks and threats.

The conference targets a number of decision-makers, officials of the governmental and private institutions and infrastructure institutions, in addition to the specialists and experts in the field of cyber security.

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