12:09 pm - Saturday 30 May 2015

Dubai cops monitoring Facebook, Twitter

By staff - Fri Apr 06, 7:46 am

Dubai police is monitoring social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to Major Salem Obaid Salmeen, deputy director of anti-electronic crimes of Dubai Police’s CID, there are dedicated teams in Dubai and other emirates to monitor networking sites, local website Emirates 24/7 reported on Wednesday.

“These electronic patrols are detecting and tracking all topics and materials written and presented on these websites,” the website quoted Obaid Salmeen as saying.

“Any violation of the law at these web sites will be considered as abuse and will be punishable as in the real world.”

Obaid Salmeen said checking social networking sites is not seen as a violation of the public’s freedoms as these sites are public places in the virtual world.

This statement came on the programme ‘Rouh Al Qanoon’ (Spirit of the Law’) presented by lawyer Essa bin Haider on Radio Noor Dubai, the website reported.

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