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New Dawn for Oman Football

By staff - Sun May 06, 4:18 pm

From sponsors to media to fans, there were good feelings abound regarding the present and future of Oman football last night, as the new shirt and logo were launched at a special dinner and ceremony at Al Bustan Palace Hotel in Muscat.

In three weeks’ time, the senior team will sport the new kit on the pitch for the first time, as Oman hosts Lebanon in an international friendly May 27, just ahead of the beginning of the World Cup qualifying campaign. That’s when it gets very serious, but last night, the themes were celebrating the recent success of Oman and looking ahead at the nation’s football promise.

Up-and-coming Oman senior team players, 23-year old Abdulaziz Al-Muqbali and 24-year-old Abdulsalam Amour, were the first to don the new kit, revealing it on stage in front of more than 200 guests, including partners, community leaders, reporters and Oman supporters. Meanwhile, renowned Middle East football commentator and personality Mustafa Agha served as the master of ceremonies at the event to tremendous reception.

The Oman Football Association set out to have a new jersey that was designed for Omanis by Omanis to represent the Sultanate proudly. Taj, the new Omani brand responsible for the shirt, will look to infuse much of the sales profits into youth and grassroots Oman football as well as supporting the national teams.

In this morning’s media, the Oman Observer hailed the shirt for its “refreshingly new look,” while the Times of Oman praised last night’s “glittering ceremony.”

Fans on social media also viewed the first photos of the new jersey last night and expressed a variety of reactions. Many were pleased, including fans who called it a unique and “very appealing” look that properly “resembles the golden era of Omani soccer we are living in.”

The new logo, which the public also saw for the first time last night, was similarly designed with Omani pride in mind. It represents the Oman Football Association’s core values of passion for football, fair play, social responsibility and ambassadorship of Oman.

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Source: OFA

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