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Diving @world heritage sites: Oman’s Daymaniyat Islands

By staff - Thu May 10, 6:33 pm

At the World Heritage Site of the Daymaniyat Islands you’ll see healthy hard and soft corals, with very little damage. Lots of shoaling fish, very many moray eels, stone fish and cuttlefish. Turtles are frequently seen, and some huge ones at that. From July to September the plankton bloom also attracts whale sharks.

Blogged by Nic @ Scuba Dive

Finally all good things must come to an end! We did the last trip of the season to Hallaniyat Islands Southern Oman. Two of my partners David and Allan did the trip with a good friend and client Peter. The guys all met up in Dubai and did the long drive down to Shuwaymiyah. The weather had not been very good at all for the last couple of weeks and this time of year the local monsoon wind called the Khareef blows and makes life very difficult! But the guys were keen to make the trip and met up with the very positive and fearless Capt Saud at the marina. Lucky for us it is a mission to get out to the islands from the mainland but once out on the island the fishing is close and a lot safer.

The guys arrived at the island lodge and set up their gear and headed out for an afternoon fish at the close points with not to much luck. The guys enjoyed the local Arabian Hospitality and settled in for a 3 day weather beaten trip that would produce some of the biggest fish of the season. The guys could not fish all the normal places but concentrated on a few areas closer to base which produced and also the guys got smoked by a good few unstoppable monsters. A rod was broken and a good few lures reefed due to big fish and also tough fishing conditions.

The guys caught some awesome fish. Allan got GTs 151cm, 150cm, 125cm, 120cm and 87cm. Peter got GTs 141cm (Hots 711MH), 131cm, 125cm and 120cm and David got GTs 135cm, 131cm and 130cm. All excellent fish with some of the biggest and smallest of the season!

The guys had a fantastic trip with popping, jigging and light tackle action. It was a great end to our season with the second and third biggest fish we caught out of several hundred GTs. It has been a fantastic season and we are already building up for next season starting in Sept 12. We have started work on the island lodge with painting, new central AC unit, furniture etc, the boats are already in the workshop getting new canopies, rod holders, cushions etc. We have a new villa on the mainland in Shuwaymiyah with a new inshore 26ft center console for light tackle fishing! So bring on next season for even more action packed GT mayhem! If anyone is keen on a trip give me a shout as we are busy confirming all of our bookings over the next couple of weeks. For more information and details please check out on our FB www.facebook.com/oceanactive

The following tackle was used:
Rods – Race Point 250 and 200, Hots 711MH, Smith Keyholu, Smith KGS, Shimano Aerocast 240XH, OTI
Reels – Shimano Stella 5000, 8000, 10000, 18000
Line – Tufline, Jigman, Sasame
Lures – OA Cubera 150gr and 180gr, Halco Rooster, Siren Lures, ASWB Lures


View from the upper deck at the island villa

The boyz relaxing on the upper deck with a BBQ in the background! Priceless!

Peter with his first big GT that smoked his OTI Rod

First of Allans Monsters

David with a AJ on jig

Allan and Peter with a good GT

David with a monster queenie on light tackle.

Peter with a blacktip trevally

Light tackle


Blacktip trevally

Swimming in one of the sheltered bays, awesome!!

Peter with his monster 141cm GT caught on a Hots 711MH!!

David with his biggest 135cm of the trip

Allan with another GT

Not many times when you run out of tape measure when measuring a GT!! Just long enough!!

Allans second monster, the boyz had a tough time getting this one into position!

Big Black Geet for David

another big queen

Big bonnie on light tackle.

yellow dot trevally

Another big GT for David

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