07:04 pm - Friday 22 May 2015

Toyota pulls off 1st ever Facebook Flash Mob in Oman

By staff - Thu May 24, 7:22 am

In the multi-channel, multi-platform age, running marketing campaigns is a lot different than it used to be.Toyota as part of their launch of the sports coupe known as the “86″, stunned everyone (atleast in Oman) with the 1st ever facebook based flash mob (we have checked for something similar before, but could not find it), so it is safe to say the 1st ever in Oman and GCC.

Toyota guys have asked their friends, fans and customers to post the launch of 86 as their status message at exactly 9.30 AM on May 22nd. The message to be posted were pre send to the fans. We could verify 150 profiles with the message and #Toyota 86 which was part of the message also got the message trending in twitter. Usually Flash Mobs are where group of dancers at crowd centric places like malls and parks suddenly moves into dancing surprising the crowd.

In this case, Toyota guys used their fans to form the digital mob and used Facebook as the platform to surprise the Facebook and Twitter users in Oman.

A PR agency executive whom we called up to check told us “I give Toyota a ton of credit for trying this. They are notorious for being a brand stuck in the past and this is a big step forward. While the execution could have been in a grandeur scale, I still give them kudos for not succumbing to their beige reputation”

We have checked with couple of Fb users who took part in the activity commented ” we thought it is the 1st ever and the car also looks good, so i said count me in :) ” and Haitham who studies at SQU commented ” we were surprised to see Toyota doing this, hope they continue”.

According to a dubai based Social Media Analyst ” Toyota and other automobile companies world over have been pushing for more engagement with their fans and turning them into their brand ambassadors. I think this is a great idea and really innovative for the automotive industry. Toyota’s customers are incredibly brand-loyal and they have found a way to really capitalize on that loyalty and enhance the user experience through social media. I look forward to seeing how this rolls out and how other companies, inside and outside of the automotive industry, will follow suit.

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